Mississippi Messages from Friends of the Mississippi River – September 2014

FMR Updates


The Minnesota DNR is accepting comments until September 30, 2014 on the proposed Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area (MRCCA) rules. Be sure to comment by sharing your connection to the river and how you want to see it protected and enhanced for generations to come!

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This coming October, FMR is celebrating its valued partnership with REI. Accordingly, we are offering these special benefits, courtesy of REI, to our members and supporters throughout October:

  • Generous REI coupon for new or renewing FMR members.
  • Complimentary “REI Steward 2014″ t-shirt if you are both an FMR and REI member.
  • REI Passage 2 tent raffle.


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From 1945 until 1966, the Ford Motor Company dumped unknown quantities of industrial waste, including solvents and paint sludge, on the floodplain of the Mississippi River below the bluff adjacent to its St. Paul assembly plant. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is now asking Ford to conduct further investigation of the dump before deciding whether to require Ford to clean it up. Friends of the Mississippi River has numerous concerns about the thoroughness of the proposed investigation and the possibility that the dump will be allowed to remain at the river’s edge permanently.

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We all know it’s important to conserve water and decrease pollution, but how exactly do you go about doing that in your own home or yard? And what really makes the biggest difference for our local rivers?

At FMR, we’re asked these questions all the time. This fall, we’re offering a trio of Vermillion Stewards workshops to answer them as best we can, as quickly and concisely as possible. Join the movement to make your home river-friendly. Sign up for one or all!

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now accepting comments on their draft Waters of the U.S. rule – a clarification of the Clean Water Act. Tell the EPA that you support their efforts to protect our nations streams and wetlands today!

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FMR’s hungriest volunteers have returned to Gores Wildlife Management Area to dine on invasive shrubs.

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Congratulations to the city of Rochester for earning the Blue Star Award. Rochester, like all Blue Star communities, is taking a leadership role in protecting Minnesota’s water resources and public health through excellence in stormwater management.

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FMR is delighted to officially welcome events intern Amy Kilgore as our new Outreach Assistant and Events Registrar. Her smiling face will be familiar to many Mississippi Messages readers. Since March, Amy has worked with hundreds of FMR volunteers at our restoration and education events. Now she’ll also be the person signing everyone up, staying in touch about details and directions and sending Facebook-worthy photos after each event.

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Mississippi River News


The Star Tribune recently covered a decision by Judge Margaret Marrinan to send a nearly two-year old lawsuit over White Bear Lake water levels to trial next spring.

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Triclosan made headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks. New research on the risks on triclosan in personal care products, and newly released data on the FDA’s original approval in triclosan in toothpaste, shined a less-than-flattering light on the controversial chemical.

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In response to toxic algae blooms in Lake Erie, the Star Tribune authored this recent editorial highlighting the importance of Minnesota’s new standards, and calling for additional state action to protect and maintain our waters for both aquatic recreation, environmental health, and public safety.

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Calendar of Events


Thursday, September 18, 6-7:30 p.m.
Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park, Cottage Grove

Join Friends of the Mississippi River ecologist Karen Schik and Washington Conservation District’s Angie Hong as we explore Ravine Lake and the wetlands surrounding it. You’ll learn about the plant life in and around the wetlands — aquatic, amphibious, and terrestrial — and the important role these plants play as they provide habitat and filter pollutants from our waters. Then we’ll use dip nets to get a closer look at macroinvertebrates living in the marsh, and discuss what these tiny creatures reveal about the impacts of water pollution!

Capacity is limited and preregistration required. Children are welcome with a parent or guardian. Learn more on theevent page, or sign up now with Amy at akilgore@fmr.orgor 651-222-2193 x31.

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Sunday, September 21 — noon-4 p.m.
University Avenue, Central Corridor, St. Paul

St. Paul Open Streets encourages residents to get out and see our community up-close in a safe, car-free environment. This year’s event also includes a Water Festival, focused on making the connection between our local streets and the health of our local waters. Join FMR’s Kate Clayton to learn about the 450 miles of storm drains that run below the streets of St. Paul, what flows through them, and where all this stormwater — and the pollution that comes with it — really goes. Participants can also help educate others and reduce water pollution by joining Kate to stencil storm drains in the surrounding neighborhoods. Learn more on the event page.

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Thursday, September 25, 6-7:30 p.m.
Lakeville Area Arts Center, Lakeville

Every time there’s a heavy rain, rainwater has washed over your roof, your yard and pavement — carrying bits of roof shingles, pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil and dirt into the nearest storm drain. All of this pollution goes right into our local creeks, lakes and the Vermillion and Mississippi Rivers — unfiltered, untreated! Rain barrels help reduce this runoff pollution, and offer many other benefits as well. Learn more, sign up and purchase your barrel and supplies ($30) via the event page.

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Saturday, September 27 — 9:00-11:00 a.m.
River Oaks Park, Cottage Grove

Just southeast of River Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove lies a riverfront bluff with stunning views and a special remnant bedrock bluff prairie. Roughly 30 years ago this remnant prairie was renown as a very high quality area with excellent biodiversity. Over the years, however, it has steadily declined, and is now at risk of slowly being taken over by non-native species.

Recently, FMR began working with the City of Cottage Grove to preserve and restore this important site. Now volunteers are needed to join FMR Ecologist Joe Walton at our first restoration event at River Oaks Park. Volunteers will primarily haul pre-cut buckthorn, helping to open the canopy and making way for more beneficial native prairie and savanna plants to return.

Capacity is limited and registration required. Learn more on the event page, or sign up now with akilgore@fmr.org or651-222-2193 x31.

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Through mid-October
City of Saint Paul

If you’re looking for a great service outing that is educational, active, outdoors and provides a significant community benefit, consider storm drain stenciling. It’s just one and a half to three hours in length, and can be set at a time and St. Paul location convenient for your group. Reservations are now being taken for outings through October 2014. Learn more on the stenciling event page or go straight to our stenciling, cleanup and presentation request form!

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Saturday, October 4 — 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Near 36th & West River Pkwy., Mississippi River Gorge, Minneapolis

Volunteers will work closely with FMR staff to remove buckthorn and other invading trees and shrubs or to haul brush to its pick-up spot. Tools and gloves will be provided. However, be prepared to work on steep slopes and uneven terrain. Due to the tools and terrain, this event is not suitable for small children.

Capacity is limited and preregistration required. Learn more on the event page, or sign up now with Amy atakilgore@fmr.org or 651-222-2193 x31.

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Saturday, October 11 — 9 a.m.-noon
Sand Coulee Scientific and Natural Area, Hastings

After a brief training, volunteers will help collect much-needed native prairie seed while enjoying this rare example of a sand-gravel prairie in full fall bloom. Volunteers will work with FMR Senior Ecologist Karen Schik and Assistant Stewardship Coordinator Kate Clayton in the natural area most recently added to the Sand Coulee Scientific and Natural Area. Seed will be used for further habitat restoration. Large quantities — of volunteers and seed alike — are needed!

Capacity is limited and preregistration required. Learn more about this Vermillion Stewards event on the event page, or sign up now with Amy at akilgore@fmr.org or 651-222-2193 x31.

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Saturday, October 18 — 9:00 a.m.-noon
Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park, Cottage Grove

Centered around one of the most impressive landscape features in southern Washington County, Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park totals nearly 600 acres. The ravine for which it is named is approximately a half-mile wide with 80- to 100-foot slopes, and bisects the park north to south before ending in a small lake. Known as a “tunnel valley,” the ravine was carved by a subglacial drainageway that carried large volumes of water, eroding the valley.

Volunteers will work with FMR Senior Ecologist Karen Schik to continue and expand the restoration of this beautiful park by hauling cut brush, primarily buckthorn. (There may also be some brush-cutting for volunteers comfortable working with handsaws or loppers.) This will help open the canopy, making way for native plants beneficial to local wildlife and waters to return.

Capacity is limited and registration required. Learn more on the event page, or sign up now with akilgore@fmr.org or651-222-2193 x31.

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Wednesday, October 22 — 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Dakota County Western Service Center (next to Galaxie Library), Apple Valley

Join FMR Stewardship Coordinator Adam Flett to learn about practices and small projects you can take on inside your home — be it a mansion or a small apartment — to significantly improve your water footprint. We’ll quickly cover the basics, touching on both well-known lessons and lesser-known tools to help you figure out the most effective steps to take to make your home river-friendly.

Topics include the biggest water users in your house or apartment (both direct and indirect usage), where to take leftover prescription drugs, alternatives to household products containing triclosan and other river polluters.

Capacity is limited and registration required. Learn more about this free Vermillion Stewards event on the event page, or sign up now with akilgore@fmr.org or 651-222-2193 x31.

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Saturday, October 25 — 9:00 a.m.-noon
Pine Bend Bluffs near Highway 52, Flint Hills property, Rosemount

After a light breakfast and hot coffee, enjoy a nice fall workout removing pre-cut invasive buckthorn at this annual event in beautiful Pine Bend Bluffs. At the end, we’ll enjoy a hot lunch (in a heated tent) to say thank you and celebrate a day’s good work.

Learn more on the event page, or sign up now withakilgore@fmr.org or 651-222-2193 x31.

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Tuesday, November 4 — 6-7 p.m.
Schaar’s Bluff Gathering Center, Hastings

Whether you’re interested in a smaller native planting or want to transform your whole yard into a force for clean water in 2014, this FMR workshop can help you jump-start your spring planning. We’ll also touch on ways to make your yard river-friendlier this winter. Taught by FMR’s former River Stewardship Coordinator Adam Flett, the presentation receives rave reviews from participants, who also appreciate the high-quality and concise take-home materials. .

Capacity is limited and preregistration required. Learn more on the event page, or sign up now with Amy atakilgore@fmr.org or 651-222-2193 x31.

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Whose View? From Where?


We continue our trip down memory lane this month with a scene of the Mississippi River from years past. This month we take to the air! Can you identify this view and the year the photo was taken?

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Last month’s photo was a trickier one because of its age. Only a few were able to correctly guess the “from where” of our image.

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Resource of the Month


Residents, homeowners, business owners, and seasonal workers can all benefit from the recently released Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) lawn care videos. The 21-minute videos promote techniques for maintaining an attractive and healthy lawn while keeping our rivers, lakes, streams and groundwater clean and safe.




There are squadrons of large white birds overhead.

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Supporting FMR


The Pohlad Foundation has offered FMR a $10,000 challenge grant to match new gifts before October 27. Thanks to an awesome show of support we are $500 away from the goal! To help us earn the final $500 and add your voice to the community voice for the river, please consider a tax-deductible gift to Friends of the Mississippi River today. You can call Heather at 651-222-2193 x30 to make a gift by phone, mail in a check or make your gift right now.

All new members get an attractive FMR magnet with our thanks!

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Quote of the Month

“The rising hills, the slopes, of statistics
lie before us.
the steep climb
of everything, going up,
up, as we all
go down.

In the next century
or the one beyond that,
they say,
are valleys, pastures,
we can meet there in peace
if we make it.

To climb these coming crests
one word to you, to
you and your children:

stay together
learn the flowers
go light”

        - “For the Children” by Gary Snyder

FMR Updates

Mississippi River News

Calendar of Events

Whose View? From Where?

Resource of the Month


Supporting FMR

Open Streets is coming to Lowry Avenue September 20th

Join us for Lowry Avenue Open Streets and
Get Your Free Open Streets MPLS T-shirt!
The Lowry Cooridor Business Association and Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition are excited to bring you Open Streets MPLS on Lowry Avenue September 20th! Open Streets MPLS events close a major city street to cars for one weekend day, and open it up to pedestrians, cyclists and other wheeled persons to experience the street in a whole new way. Come meet your neighbors, local businesses, organizations, artists and musicians September 20th and join the celebration as a representative of this event!
Open Streets is powered by neighborhood and community volunteers, and we need 150 volunteers to make this party possible. In exchange for 2.5 hours of volunteering to make chalk art or help keep the streets clean and car-free, volunteers will get a free Open Streets T-shirt, an invitation to the volunteer appreciation party, and a whole lot of high fives and bragging rights. Click this link to see a complete list of volunteer options and to sign up!
Thanks so much to all our volunteers who make this day possible.
See you at Open Streets!

What is Court Watch?

Court Watch is a collaborative, community-based approach to criminal justice. Concerned citizens partner with police, prosecutors, probation officers, and other resources to promote sentencing accountability with the court system.

Community participation makes Court Watch successful. At Court Watch meetings, Minneapolis City Attorneys, Hennepin County Attorneys, Neighborhood Probation, Minneapolis Police and social service agencies respond go questions and provide regular updates about offenders, arrests, court dats and outcomes.

The community leads and drives a Court Watch by

* Sharing valuable information about offenderws and crimes

* Having input in the criminal justice process, which increases accountability

* Educating judges about the personal impacts of being a victim of a neighborhood crime, including drug sales, weapons offenses, property

crimes and prostitution

* Making communities safer


4th Precinct Court Watch

The Fourth Precinct Court Watch focuses on chronic offenders, habitual burglars and felons in possession of firearms. This collaborative meets monthly to address

public safety needs and write impact statements.

Meeting Time and Location

Second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 – 8:30

North Regional Library

1315 Lowry Avenue North

Contact: 4thPrecinctCourt Watch@minneapolismn.gov

Court Watch – Thursday, September 25th-Problem Properties Forum


Court Watch Returns with a Problem Properties Forum on September 25th, 6:30 p.m. in the Folwell Park Community Room (1615 Dowling Ave. N., Mpls). In October and November there will be a three meeting series on Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System. The forums in the Juvenile series will be in the 4th Precinct Community Room. The 4th Precinct is located at Plymouth and Morgan Avenues North.

Grow on Penn Party in the Pumpkin Patch – October 18th

Come, join your friends, family and neighbors at the Grow on Penn Party in the Pumpkin Patch. Lots to see and do. The Party will be on Saturday, October 18th at 3600 Penn Avenue North from Noon until 3 pm. There will be music, face painting,  food, a Compost Workshop and THE REALLY BIG TABLE – Springboard for the Arts! We hope we see you there!

Northside Arts News – September 2014

Northside Arts News – Check out our new format!
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Northside Arts News!

News from the NAC Board of Directors

Monthly Board Meeting
The NAC board regularly meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm. Meetings are held at the McKinley Community Center, located at 3300 Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis.

More Exhibitions Planned for Heritage Park Center!
View the exhibition schedule for Heritage Park

Submit to Our Events Calendar! 
You can now submit your northside arts-related events to our events calendar via our Submit Event page! Members, you can place your event that are out of our area on this calendar too!

Once your submission is approved, it will automatically appear on our calendar and then will be broadcast to our Facebook page & Twitter feed. It’s an awesome way to help promote your event! Questions? Contact Communications Coordinator, Jeanne Fish.

Save the Date for Our Annual Meeting!
Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 6th @ 6:30 pm!

Join the Board of Directors!
Consider joining the board for the Northside Arts Collective. We gather monthly for our board meetings, work on exhibitions and other was to showcase the talents of our members! Contact us for details!

Call for Volunteer Exhibition Coordinator
This is an awesome opportunity to gain invaluable experience coordinating with artists and exhibition spaces and other volunteers. Contact us for details!

Artist Reception for “Elements”

Join us for the Artists Reception for “Elements,” the current exhibition at Heritage Park Center!
“Elements” & artwork portrays the natural elements of earth, air, fire & water. ARTIST RECEPTION: Thursday, October 16 – 4:30 to 7:30 pm.

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The theme for this next exhibit is “LOVE” Artwork can be realistic or abstract. Love — what does it mean to you? Is it all hearts and warm fuzzies or something more ethereal?

Art will be on display beginning Thursday, November 20 and the exhibit will run through February 24, 2015.

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NAC and Member News

Check out the latest news from our members:

  • Keiona Cook produces 5th Annual Fashion Show Benefit for Youth
  • Johnna Morrow & Steve Sklar of Skysong Productions have a special musical offering
  • Dan Hylton will be performing @ Simon Calder’s Xtravaganza 8
  • Barbara Harman gives an artist talk and reading, offers painting workshop
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Northside Arts Organizations & Venues

Click on the link below to read the
latest from our local arts organizations:The Goddess of Glass News

Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts

Homewood Studios

Hopewell Music Cooperative

Now Showing @ the Capri

Mpls Photo Center

Opportunities, Classes & Workshops

Calls for art, artists, workshops and grants!

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MPRB “Rolls Out” New Recycling Program and Revamped Park Waste Management System

Beginning this week, visitors to Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board neighborhood and regional parks will notice new trash and recycling receptacles. Neighborhood Parks Gone are the decades-old round green (waste) and blue (recycling) cans. In their place, park patrons will see dark gray plastic carts for waste and blue carts for one-sort recycling. Minneapolis residents will be especially familiar with the new carts, as they are the same as are used by Minneapolis residents at home. “Sustainability is one of the Park Board’s core values, and park patrons have always been good about recycling when the option was available,” said Liz Wielinski Commissioner District 1 and Park Board of Commissioners President. “This just makes recycling an even easier choice.” All waste carts will be paired with a recycling cart. More carts will be placed in heavily used areas such as playgrounds, basketball courts, wading pools to accommodate higher usage. (The old metal waste and recycling containers are expected to be removed by mid-October.) As part of the City of Minneapolis solid waste and recycling program, park staff will move neighborhood park waste and recycling carts to the curb on specified pick-up days. Just as for Minneapolis residents, most nonhazardous items except for clothes, food, waxed coated cups, Styrofoam and yard waste can go into the single-sort recycling bins. Everything else from plastic to metal to glass is recyclable. old new Old waste and recycling cans (left) and new waste and recycling carts (right). Regional Parks At some larger neighborhood parks and at MPRB regional parks and trails (parklands that comprise much of the Grand Rounds, including the Chain of Lakes, Theodore Wirth, Minnehaha Park, Victory Memorial Parkway and areas around downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River), waste and recycling removal will be done by three new refuse vehicles. These single-operator compact vehicles are ideal for navigating the tight spaces in often found along trails and in parks. They also help increase efficiency and improve safety by eliminating manual lifting. regional new regional new The new refuse vehicles and receptacles. As at neighborhood parks, the older metal can are being replaced with new, larger waste and recycling receptacles. Both the waste and recycling receptacles are well-marked to make it easier for park users to recycle. Park patrons can expect to see the new waste and recycling receptacles and refuse vehicle beginning in October. Each year, more than 21 million visits are made to the nationally acclaimed Minneapolis p

City of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control Update

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Minneapolis Animal Care & Control: Working with residents to create safe and healthy communities for people and animals. Woof Woof…Squawk…Purr-r-r-r…Chug Chug…Naaaahhhh…Chirp…Ththth…Ssssssss…Woof!  (Staff at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control speak fluent animal, so let us translate…)    Please join us on Saturday, Sept. 27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for MACC’s“I’m in the Dog House” celebration. We will “kennel” and then “adopt” a whole host of celebrities and elected officials when they raise money for the animals at the shelter.    Be sure to register for our Doggie Costume Contest by 12:15 p.m. (Prizes for funniest costume, most creative, and best of the best). You’ll also be able to take a tour of the shelter, Ask the Vet, watch dog agility demonstrations, and join us for face-painting. Special thanks to Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws for putting their paws forward as title sponsors for our event.   Find more information on our website - www.minneapolismn.gov/animals We look forward to seeing you! Staff at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control

CONNECT WITH THE CITY Minneapolis 311 Visit the City of Minneapolis on Facebook Visit the City of Minneapolis on Twitter Visit the City of Minneapolis on YouTube

Fall Programs at Webber Library

Fall Programs at Webber Park Library For Preschoolers: Saturdays, 11 AM at the Library Family Storytime Talk, sing, read, write and play together in a format appropriate for young children. Share books, stories, rhymes, music and movement.

For Kids and the Whole Family: Tuesday at the Park Building Library Lab for Kids: Poetry and Music with T. Mychael Rambo Oct 28 at 4 PM Learn how poems and music communicate ideas, and compose your own songs by exploring the legacy of African-American poetry and music with T Mychael Rambo.

For Teens: Thursdays at the Park Building First Pages for Teens: Fan Fiction Oct 9 at 4 PM Learn how poems and music communicate ideas, and compose your own songs by exploring the legacy of African-American poetry and music with T Mychael Rambo. Make This: Anime and Manga Drawing Oct 23 at 4 PM Learn how poems and music communicate ideas, and compose your own songs by exploring the legacy of African-American poetry and music with T Mychael Rambo.

For Grown-ups: Thursdays at the Park Building Author Talk: Pauline Knaeble Williams Sept 18 at 6 PM Set in 1944 North Minneapolis, Williams’ “Finding Hollis” transcends ethnic and racial barriers through the eyes of a young white woman who witnesses a tragic car accident only to discover as much about herself as the new world “where the black folks on this side of downtown were relegated.”

Master Gardener: Landscape Plants for Winter Interest Nov 6 at 6 PM Plants – from trees to perennials – are admired for their beauty in winter, complementing the magic of hoarfrost. Some plants bring wildlife to your winter landscape, others show off when they drop their leaves.

Geneology Research: African American Families Nov 18 at 6:30 PM Learn how to research your family’s roots back to the Civil War using information from relatives, family records and basic genealogical resources such as census and vital records from Lois Mackin, director of the Minnesota Genealogical Society.

For Seniors: Thursdays at the Library Senior Surf Sept 18 at 1 PM Learn computer basics, how to navigate and search the Internet and how to access websites of interest to seniors. Get hands-on computer experience with help from representatives of the Senior LinkAge Line®.

Minneapolis RiverCurrent – September 10, 2014

*****Events and Activities*****

North Loop Fall Crawl

Friday, September 12, 10 am, to Saturday, September 13, 9 pm

The North Loop crawl is back! Enjoy this two-day neighborhood event including 11 of the North Loop Neighborhood independent businesses. The event will include special sales, raffles and a $500 Grand Prize. For more information:https://www.facebook.com/northloopneighborhood.


September 12 –14

The Lab Theater, 700 First Street North

This hip-hop dance company from Minneapolis creatively fuses hip-hop styles to create high quality productions that emphasize storytelling featuring pirouetting hip-hop dancers and ballerinas. SHAPESHIFT dancers tell stories of love, loss and human emotion through movement — tackling themes from chemical dependency to discrimination — moving audiences to experience a deep inner connection with performance long after the lights go on and the performance ends. SHAPESHIFT productions are passionately produced and lead by Herb Johnson and Ashley Selmer. Recent collaborations include: Prince’s 3rdEyeGirl and America’s Got Talent’s popular crew iLuminate. SHAPESHIFT has been featured by the Star Tribune for their work and premiered their first production last November at the New Century Theater. If you have yet to see this unique dance crew’s productions, you are in for a moving experience. For information and tickets: http://www.thelabtheater.org/#!shapeshift/c15we.

Mill City Farmers Market – Fourth Annual Bread Festival

Saturday, September 13, 8 am – 1 pm

Chicago Avenue between Second Street South and West River Parkway

Get ready bakers and bread lovers, it’s that time of year again. Mill City Farmers Market’s annual Bread Festival is back for its fourth year. Teaming up once again with the Mill City Museum and sponsor Gold Medal™ Flour, this exciting event highlights the tradition of bread baking right at the heart of the Twin Cities’ historical milling landmark. The festival will combine educational events at the Market, outdoor baking demonstrations and a bread-baking competition judged by a panel of local celebrities, and The Current’s Mark Wheat will once again entertain as emcee. Mill City Cooks takes on a new look for the day, complete with an outdoor oven and pizza-making demo provided by Lorenzo’s Ovens. Local celebrity baker Jeff Hertzberg will provide baking demonstrations starting at 10 am. During the demos, a fantastic team of judges, including Steve Horton from Rustica Bakery, Tim Kastner from The Wedge Community Co-op and Sun Street Breads‘ Solveig Tofte, will be evaluating the submissions to Mill City’s Fourth Bread Baking Contest under two categories: Quick Breads and Yeasted Breads. Enter your home-baked bread and have your loaf judged by the experts! Click here for more info. Get recipes from this demo and every Mill City Cooks demo this season in the Market’s recipe archive at http://millcityfarmersmarket.org/category/recipes/. Thanks to volunteers from OHK Grange, kids can get creative at the Crop Art booth, where seeds are used to create works of art. Kids also will be happy to know they can stop by and pet their furry friends from Oliver H. Kelley Farm. From 11 am to 1 pm, MCFM is thrilled to have theRoe Family Singers back at the Market. This local jug band blends characteristic old-time sound with rock & roll influence. The Community Booth will feature Compatible Technologies International, a nonprofit organization that alleviates hunger and poverty in the developing world by designing and distributing simple, affordable food and water tools. They will demo grain grinders and other inventions that are changing lives around the world. The Art Market will feature the unique works of Barn Swallow Garden,Jo SeversonChris Chookiatsirichai and Woodsport. For more information (including what products are expected at the market this week – don’t forget your shopping list), recipes and to sign up for the market’s email newsletter: http://millcityfarmersmarket.org/.

Ladies Night Out

Thursday, September 18, 5 pm

Cheers to a great Ladies Night Out! Enjoy a Northeast Minneapolis evening of special deals at the following participating businesses: Spot Spa, Parc Boutique, Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop, The Red Stag, Keegans, Look and See Eye Care and Mona Williams. For more information: http://www.northeastminneapolis.com/1678-2/.

A Comeaux Enterprises presents:

You Took Me with You

written, produced and directed by A Comeaux

Saturday, September 20, 7 pm

The Lab Theater, 700 First Street North

Set in Innercity, America, a family’s coveted matriarch holds secrets sworn in debts paid with vows only death will release. A mother married to a man who was right for her, but she knew she’d never be right by. A sweet daughter only wanted to be her mother’s mini-me, but she knew not the path she begged to mimic. A son left behind, but very much holding his father’s weight in his eyes. A Comeaux brings her third book of the same title to the stage. In poetry, raw honesty and monologues in love, this theatrical installment is written by a child of an addict. Today they both seek a path of peace in their quest for redemption. A Comeaux is dedicated to using her talents on a national level to support those left in addiction. This production is an ode to children of addicts and speaks to the plague of our nation. Visit: www.youtookmewithyou.com. For information and tickets:http://www.thelabtheater.org/#!you-took-me-with-you/c1p32.

NT Live: Medea

Monday, September 22, 7 pm, and

Saturday, September 27, 1 pm

St. Anthony Main Theatre, 115 Main Street SE

NT Live is a ground-breaking initiative of London’s National Theatre that broadcasts the world’s finest stage performances to cinemas around the world. Helen McCrory (The Last of the Haussmans) returns to the National Theatre to take the title role in Euripides’ powerful tragedy, in a new version by Ben Power, directed by Carrie Cracknell. Medea is a wife and a mother. For the sake of her husband, Jason, she’s left her home and borne two sons in exile. But when he abandons his family for a new life, Medea faces banishment and separation from her children. Cornered, she begs for one day’s grace. It’s time enough. She exacts an appalling revenge and destroys everything she holds dear. For information: http://mspfilm.org/films-and-events/nt-live-medea/.

Sample of Activities and Classes at The Loft

1011 Washington Avenue South

For information about The Loft’s wide variety of classes and other activities: http://www.loft.org.

Steve Almond Tackles Football: An Evening of Controversy

Tuesday, September 23, 8 pm

Join New York Times bestselling author Steve Almond as he reads his new book, Against Football, and discusses the economic, medical and moral hazards of America’s favorite sport. Fans and non-fans welcome. It’s sure to be a night to remember.

Charles Baxter and the Art of Series

Friday, September 26, 7 pm

National Book Award finalist Charles Baxter discusses his editorial work on the Art of Series and the importance of writing what you don’t know. This is a new collaboration between Graywolf Press and the Loft.

Nikky Finney: McKnight Reading

Saturday, September 27, 7 pm

Nikky Finney was born in South Carolina, within listening distance of the sea. A child of activists, she came of age during the Civil Rights and Black Arts Movements. At Talladega College, nurtured by Hale Woodruff’s Amistad murals, Finney began to understand the powerful synergy between art and history. Finney has authored four books of poetry: Head Off & Split (2011);The World Is Round (2003); Rice (1995); and On Wings Made of Gauze (1985). The John H. Bennett, Jr. Chair in Southern Letters and Literature at the University of South Carolina, Finney also authored Heartwood (1997), edited The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South (2007) and co- founded the Affrilachian Poets. Finney’s fourth book of poetry, Head Off & Split was awarded the 2011 National Book Award for poetry.

Second Story Reading Series: Julie Schumacher and Molly Backes

Sunday, September 28, 2 pm

The Loft’s Second Story Reading Series for young adult and middle grade authors celebrates its sixth season with a bout of girlpower. Julie Schumacher’s first published story, “Reunion,” written to fulfill an undergraduate writing assignment (“tell a family tale”), was reprinted in The Best American Short Stories 1983. Subsequent stories were published in The AtlanticMS,Minnesota Monthly and Prize Stories: The O.Henry Awards (1990 and 1996). Her first novel, The Body Is Water, was published by Soho Press in 1995 and was an ALA Notable Book of the Year and a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award and the Minnesota Book Award. It was published in translation in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Greece and Korea. Her other books include a short story collection, An Explanation for Chaos, and five books for younger readers: The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls (2012), Black Box (2008), The Book of One Hundred Truths (2006), The Chain Letter(2005) and Grass Angel (2004), all from Delacorte. M. Molly Backes is the author of the young adult novel The Princesses of Iowa (Candlewick Press, May 2012). In addition to writing novels, Molly is a member of the 2012 class of bloggers at The Debutante Ball, pens the “Writing Tips” column for The Prairie Wind (the newsletter of the Illinois Chapter of SCBWI) and is a frequent contributor to StoryStudio’s blog, Cooler by the Lake. Her story “Teacher’s Pet” appears in the anthology Good Dogs Doing Good (LaChance, 2009).

Weisman Art Museum

Weisman Art Museum, 333 East River Road


Student Study Nights at WAM | WAM Collective

Wednesday, September 24, 5 pm

On one Wednesday night every month during fall and spring semesters, the Weisman opens its doors to students looking for a study spot. Artworks on the surrounding walls, a carefully curated playlist in the background and supplied coffee and snacks at close hand make studying at the museum much less painful than studying in a dreary dorm room. Features of study nights include the Art Rental program (take a piece of art home with you that night) and meditation breaks. For information:http://weisman.umn.edu/event/student-study-nights-at-wam-wam-collective.

Kroening Interpretive Center Programs (Three Rivers Park District)

North Mississippi Regional Park, 4900 Mississippi Court

For information: 763-694-7693; for map and driving instructions: http://www.minneapolisparks.org/default.asp?PageID=4&parkid=430. For programs that require reservations, call 763-559-6700 or register on-line: http://www.threeriversparkdistrict.org.

My Preschooler and Me: Puppet Escapades – Fall Colors

Thursday, September 25, from 10 — 11 am

Watch the animal puppets put on a show, then enjoy a short hike, craft or other themed activity. Both adult and child pay. Cost is $4, and reservations are required; reference activity #416903-04. There is a 20 percent discount for groups of four or more. This program is open to ages 2-6.

Yoga on the River

Saturday, September 27, 9:30 – 11 am

Join Emily Stuber in a Vinyasa flow yoga class along the Mississippi River. Connect breath and movement through a dynamic series of poses emphasizing body awareness and mindfulness. Leave energized and refreshed. No experience necessary, but participants need to bring their own mats. Cost is $5, and reservations are required; reference activity #416917-00. This program is for ages 16+. For information: http://www.threeriversparks.org/events/Y/yoga-on-the-river.aspx

Free Family Fun Day: Feed Our Animals

Sunday, September 28, 1 – 3 pm, ongoing

Drop in anytime! Explore a different topic each week through hands-on activities that everyone can enjoy at their own pace. This program is free and open to all ages.


September 25 – November 8

Opening reception: Saturday, September 27, 6 – 8 pm

Form+Content Gallery, 210 North Second Street, Suite 104

In celebration of seven years of operation, Form + Content Gallery in Minneapolis presents F+C@SEVEN, a group exhibition of featuring current and past members of Form + Content Gallery. Twenty two members will show a variety of media. Over the past seven years the gallery has exhibited more than sixty individual and group shows that have included over one hundred national and international guest artists, engaging the larger community with these goals in mind. Form + Content Gallery has featured shows broad in scope, such as the Minnesota housing crisis and the history of the GLBT movement, and exhibits that are the outcome of an individual’s questions pursued in a committed studio practice. Exhibits have been inspired by voyages as far a-field as the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, a small Italian village, the American West and the controversial “Separation Wall” dividing Israel and the West Bank. Our own neighborhoods and richly diverse artistic communities in Minnesota have also been highlighted with the offerings of poets, prose writers, dancers, musicians, rappers, architects and performance artists.F+C@SEVEN is an exhibit that celebrates this legacy, uniting past and present gallery members for the first time in an exhibit that showcases the variety of perspectives and personalities joined in this collaborative venture. For information:http://www.formandcontent.org/fc_exhibitions/f+c@7/fc-7.htm.

Upcoming Regis Center for Art Activities

Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota, 405 21st Avenue South

Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon

Friday, September 26, 9 am – 12 noon

Katherine E. Nash Gallery

As part of the exhibition thinking making living, Cam Gordon, City Council Member for Ward 2, will hold office hours in the gallery.

Samples of Classes and Activities at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts

1011 Washington Avenue South, 612-215-2520http://www.mnbookarts.org.

Hours: Monday 10 am — 5 pm, Tuesday 10 am — 9 pmWednesday-Saturday 10 am — 5 pm, Sunday 12 noon – 4 pm

Class details, instructor biographies, registration details and online registration are all available at above web site. You may also register by calling 612-215-2520. Note: This is only a sampling of classes, focusing on those that are less expensive and that don’t require experience.

MCBA / Jerome Foundation Book Arts Fellowships Series XI

September 26 – November 30

Opening reception Tuesday, September 30, 6 – 9 pm

Open Book Cowles Literary Commons

Since 1985 the Jerome Foundation has helped artists push the boundaries of contemporary book arts by supporting the creation of new book works. Through the MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Fellowships, Minnesota artists of diverse disciplines — including printers, papermakers, binders, painters, sculptors, poets, photographers, essayists and others — have created projects ranging from exquisitely crafted fine press volumes to documented performances to one-of-a-kind installations that “break the bindings” and redefine conventional notions of book form and content. This exhibition marks the culmination of the twelfth series of Book Arts Fellowships. The MCBA/Jerome Book Arts Fellowship Series XII recipients are: visual artist and writer Georgia A. Greeley; book artist, designer and shoe maker Amara Hark-Weber; mixed media artist Lisa Loudon; sculptor Alonso Sierralta; and tattoo artist, illustrator and printmaker Amoreena “Amo” Tarvas. For information: http://www.mnbookarts.org/fellowships-xii/.

A Taste of Marbling

with Sally Power

Saturday, September 27, 1 – 4 pm

Have you wondered how those great marbling patterns are made? Or perhaps you took a workshop in marbling some time ago but have forgotten the details and would like a refresher? This workshop is meant for you! In one short afternoon you can review the basics of marbling, practice the process and use one of your own papers to make an origami card case. $55 ($50 members) + $15 supply fee. Great for beginners. To register: http://www.mnbookarts.org/event-registration/?ee=320.

Calligraphy: The Uncial Hand

with Kris MacDonald

Two Saturdays: September 27October 4, 1 — 4pm

Before there was type, there was hand lettering. In this introductory calligraphy class, learn the basics of broad-edged pen lettering by exploring the Uncial hand, a formal book script from the 7th century, using a broad-edged dip pen and walnut ink. Then give the Uncial a 21st century feel by using some alternative writing tools and bending a few rules. Great for beginners. $95 ($85 members) + $25 supply fee. To register: http://www.mnbookarts.org/event-registration/?ee=323.

Activities at the Soap Factory

Soap Factory, 514 Second Street SE

Conversation Portraits: For the One Who… Interviews

Friday, September 26, 5 – 8 pm

An experiment in presence and connection, Conversation Portraits: For the One Who… is a relational performance piece in which the artist interviews participants and writes impromptu text poems about their lives using a 1960s Royal manual typewriter. During each event, artist Jan Estep invites participants to sit and talk with her one at a time, guided by a series of personal questions. Afterwards she turns in her seat and writes a biographical text for her guest. The original is given to the participant as a gift; a carbon copy is made as a secondary document. There are eight events scheduled during the Soap Factory’s 2014 season, staggered between April and October. A collection of the texts based on the interviews will be published at the end of the series. No appointment necessary; just stop by. For information: http://www.soapfactory.org/exhibit.php?content_id=690.

Mill City Museum Programs and Events

704 Second Street South

For more information about Mill City Museum events call 612-341-7555, or visit http://www.millcitymuseum.org.

Mill City Oktoberfest

Saturday, September 27, 8 am – 2 pm

Celebrate Minnesota brewing past and present as Mill City Museum and the Mill City Farmers Market team up for their eighth annual Mill City Oktoberfest. Enjoy the tastes, smells, sights and sounds of Germany with activities inside the museum, outside in the Ruin Courtyard and in the Farmers Market area in the Train Shed and Chicago Mall next to the Guthrie Theater. Activities include cooking and baking demonstrations, music, dancing, beer samples, food and beverage sales and brewing history. Free, but Museum admission is required for the Baking Lab demonstration.

Minneapolis Riverfront Tour

Sunday, September 28, 1 pm

Walk the Minneapolis riverfront and learn about its dramatic past and bright future. Participants will visit the historic district at St. Anthony Falls, which was once the milling center of the world and is now a growing cultural, recreational and residential neighborhood. A guide from Mill City Museum will lead visitors onto the Stone Arch Bridge for a spectacular view of the falls, the historic buildings surrounding it and downtown Minneapolis, and tell stories of the people who have worked and lived in the area and how it has changed over the years.  The tour includes one mile of moderately paced walking on uneven surfaces. Please call ahead to make arrangements for guests with limited mobility. The tour will begin and end at Mill City Museum, where participants can visit the museum’s gallery, included in the price of the tour. Tours are held rain or shine. For more information visit http://www.millcitymuseum.org/tours. Fee: $14 adults, $12 seniors and college students, $10 children ages 6-17 and MHS members. Includes museum admission. Reservations: required, call 612-341-7555 or register online.

Downtown Minneapolis Families Gathering

Saturday, September 27, 8:30 – 10:30 am

North Loop Playground, Fourth Avenue North and West River Parkway

Downtown Families MPLS invites you to unleash your inner child at the North Loop Playground. Come and meet families raising children in Downtown Minneapolis and learn about their new organization over coffee, bagels and juice, courtesy of the North Loop Neighborhood Association and Corner Coffee. You’ll be able to meet honored guest, Ginger Kranz (Principal of the new Webster Elementary School that will open to all downtown children in the Fall of 2015) along with very special guests: City Council Member Jacob Frey, State Representative Raymond Dehn and Minneapolis Public School Board Member Jenny Arneson. The Baron of Bubble will be in attendance to entertain! The event will be held, rain or shine, at the North Loop Playground, which is located at North 4th Avenue & West River Parkway in the North Loop Neighborhood.

Autumn Brew Review – Sorry, sold out, but see note

Saturday, September 27

Grain Belt complex

The 14th annual Autumn Brew Review craft beer festival will take place at the historic Grain Belt Brewery complex in Northeast Minneapolis! Beer and brewers from all across the nation will be on-site for the largest annual celebration of craft beer in Minnesota. This non-profit outdoor festival, produced by and benefiting the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, will feature unlimited beer as well as non-alcoholic samples, a commemorative tasting glass, live music, tasty food vendors on-site, voting for your favorite beer and table display competitions, beer educational sessions and tours, random shenanigans and a good time to be had by all at this beautiful historic venue on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. Sorry, but Autumn Brew Review tickets are SOLD OUT! If more become available (if breweries don’t use all of their tickets), the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild will sell them the week of ABR and announce when the sale will happen. For information: http://www.mncraftbrew.org/events/abr.

Ramen Attack

Sunday, September 28, 12 noon – 6 pm

Mill City Museum Train Shed, Chicago Avenue between Second Street and West River Parkway

Zen Box Izakaya will once again host the Ramen Attack. Zen Box Chef John Ng will be joined by these world-class Ramen Chefs: Chef Jack Nakamura (Executive Chef at Sun Noodle ‘Ramen Lab), Chef Mihoko Obunai (Chef at Southbound, Atlanta, GA, also former contestant on network show ‘Top Chef’) and Chef Keizo Shimamoto (Chef/Owner at RAMEN.Co NYC & Berg’n, creator of world famous original ‘Ramen Burger’). In addition to fantastic food, brews and sake, there will be performances by Crankshaft and The Gear Grinders, SOLID GOLD, Mu Performing Arts Daiko and Seven Dragons Kempo Karate.

*****Input, Participation and Stewardship Opportunities*****

Mill District Neighborhood Association Meeting; Who’ll Save St. Anthony Falls?

Monday, September 15, 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Mill City Museum, 704 Second Street South, Main Floor Commons

Will the falls run dry two years from now? Three new hydro projects propose to divert water from flowing over St. Anthony Falls – Crown Hydro, A Mill Hydro and Symphony Hydro. One existing facility — Xcel Energy — is planning to ask permission to increase the amount they divert. Learn details on each of these projects, and hear new policy initiatives from our elected officials. Special guest presenters will be Raymond Dehn (State Representative, District 59B), Liz Wielinski (MPRB President) and Jacob Frey (City Council Member, Ward 3).

East Bank Trail Public Meetings

Meeting #1: Tuesday, September 16, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

MPRB Headquarters, 2117 West River Road North

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) seeks community input to help plan a mile of new bicycle and pedestrian trails and related amenities along the east bank of the Mississippi River from Plymouth Avenue to Marshall Street NE at the BNSF railroad bridge in Minneapolis. A series of community meetings are planned, with the first meeting on September 16. This first meeting will provide project background and discuss neighborhood preferences. For more information:http://www.minneapolisparks.org/default.asp?PageID=52&prid=2299.

*****Planning Ahead*****

Twin Cities Horror Festival III

October 23 – November 2

Southern Theater, 1420 Washington Avenue South

This year’s Horror Festival lineup will feature nine original productions ranging from the bloodiest, to the funniest, to the darkest corners of the human psyche. Full festival schedule and discounted passes and tickets are available athttp://www.tchorrorfestival.com/.

*****Awards, Contests, Grants and Funding Resources*****

Mississippi Minute Film Festival Deadline Extended

The deadline for entering the Mississippi Minute Film Festival has been extended to 12 noon, Central Time, on Monday, September 15. Enter your one-minute-long film/DVD visual essay on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. Create your vision that showcases an appreciation for ─ or the future potential of ─ the urban riverfront in Minneapolis. Inform, energize and inspire – all in 60 seconds! For full terms and conditions, file formats and “How to Submit,” see http://www.mississippiminute.org/. Presented by the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership.

*****Reminder of Ongoing Activities*****

Music at Aster Café

125 Main Street SE

The Aster Café now has live music on many evenings (and weekend brunches) to complement its food and beverage offerings. For more information and a schedule: http://aster-cafe.com/ .

Guthrie Theater Backstage Tours

FridaySaturday and Sunday mornings at 10 am

Guthrie Theater, 818 Second Street South

This 45-minute backstage tour offers a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the Guthrie. Discover the stunning and expanded features of this state-of-the-art facility and learn how the Guthrie takes its plays from script to stage, including the many intriguing steps in between. On the tour, visit the Guthrie’s various production departments, including the shops where costumes, sets and props are expertly crafted by talented artisans. The cost is $12 per person; $7 for subscribers, students or seniors. To book a tour, call the Guthrie Box Office at 612-377-2224 or order online at http://www.guthrietheater.orghttp://www.guthrietheater.org/whats_happening/calendar. Additional tours may be scheduled for groups of 20 or more based on availability. Groups may call the group sales office at 612-225-6240 for information and scheduling options. Advance reservations are required for groups of 20 or more.

Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul

St. Anthony Main Theatres, 115 Main Street SE

In addition to first-run movies, the Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul exhibits the best of classic and contemporary cinema from around the world, including several topical festivals. To see what’s on the schedule, visit: http://www.mspfilmsociety.org.

Live Music and Movies at Crooked Pint Ale House

Crooked Pint Ale House, 501 Washington Avenue South

Crooked Pint Ale House is a nouveau urban pub with a local neighborhood feel that offers movies and live music. Live music every weekend features local, regional, and national performers and a range of music styles. Visit http://www.crookedpint.com/music-film-and-events for schedule information. For more information: http://www.crookedpint.com or 612-877-6900.

Mill City Museum

Museum Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am — 5 pmSunday, 12 noon — 5 pm

704 South Second Street

Built within the limestone ruins of the Washburn A Mill – the National Historic Landmark that was once the centerpiece of the world’s flour milling industry – the museum tells the story of a mighty river, a young city and how the production of flour fueled the growth of Minnesota. The museum’s 12,000 square foot exhibit space is packed with fun and intrigue for visitors of all ages. Follow your nose to the Baking Lab, splash around in the water lab and enjoy the rooftop view of the riverfront. The eight-story Flour Tower show tells the story of the mill through the voices of former workers and runs throughout each day. The newly restored West Engine House features Kevin Kling’s take on Minneapolis history in the movie “Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat” and shows every half hour. Fee: $11 adults, $9 seniors and college students with ID, $6 youth ages 6 – 17, free for children under 5 and MHS members. Call 612-341-7555 or visit http://www.millcitymuseum.org for more information.

*****Informational Resources*****

Telling River Stories Web Site

The “Telling River Stories” Web site can be found at http://www.riverstories.umn.edu. Telling River Stories is a collaborative project that populates the urban Mississippi River corridor with stories of how the city and the river have been jointly developed. The site highlights stories about the people and places that make up today’s urban river landscape. In addition to the Web site, future programs and on-site installations will be part of the overall project. The Telling River Stories program is part of the River Life: Mississippi and U project, a partnership of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, Institute for Advanced Study, Water Resource Center, College of Design and Urban Studies Program. The River Life project connects University research, teaching and civic engagement programs with off-campus partners who are working to reinvigorate the urban Mississippi River. In the coming weeks, project team members will be adding materials to the site’s coverage of “river stories” in the Twin Cities, St. Louis and New Orleans. Check back often to view the progress.

River Talk

River Talk is a thoughtful, informed blog about issues that affect the Mississippi River that is provided by Patrick Nunnally of the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment RiverLife program. To check it out: http://www.riverlife.umn.edu/rivertalk/.

Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District Calendar

The Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District web site has a calendar feature that has lots of great info. To check it out, visit:http://www.minneapolisdid.com/page/show/391008-events.

*****Informational Updates*****

West River Parkway Landslide Repair

At its September 3 meeting, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) Board of Commissioners approved a professional services agreement with Barr Engineering to provide design, engineering, and construction oversight for the permanent repair of the landslide along West River Parkway area near 4th Street South. The parkway and trails at the base of the river bluff were closed in late June after heavy rain caused soil, vegetation and debris from a 100-foot section of the hillside to slip, covering West River Parkway and sliding into the Mississippi River. The slide jeopardized Fairview-University Medical Center equipment and pavement at the top of the bluff, which have been relocated or temporarily stabilized. As a temporary solution, MPRB and Fairview-University Medical Center contractors have covered the slide area with a fabric casing to minimize rainfall erosion. However, a permanent strategy to restore the bluff has yet to be determined. The section of West River Parkway between 4th St. S. and Franklin Ave. remains closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic because of the instability of the slide zone. Barr Engineering estimates their work will require three months of investigation and engineering. They also recommend avoiding construction in the cold weather months due to frozen ground water and winter temperature fluctuations. Accordingly, permanent slope repair construction is expected to begin in spring of 2015 and last three to four months. For more information and to sign up for timely email updates visit the West River Parkway slope reconstruction project page.



*****Riverfront News Articles*****

VÉLO Project Completed



Kidizen in North Loop


Hydroelectricity History in Minneapolis


North Loop Hotel Proposal


Primrose Path Opens in Northeast


Pillsbury Machine Shop Redevelopment



The White Snake at Guthrie